Ochotnicza straż pożarna jednostką ochrony przeciwpożarowej

  1. Henryk Nowicki


Volunteer fire department as a  part of fire safety

This article presents a  legal status of volunteer fire departments and their role in the fire safety system. It pays particular attention to the fact that the activity in the field of fire safety belongs to public task, in this case carried out by social organisations. Taking into account the legal status of the volunteer fire departments acting as associations which often have a  character of public benefit organisations, the author postulates a  clear statutory indication of the legal nature of the volunteer fire departments as associations with legal personality. Therefore it is important to equip the volunteer fire departments with professional legal and fund management which should be provided by the relevant municipalities.

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326, Ochotnicze straże pożarne – tradycja –samorząd –bezpieczeństwo, 2018

Pages from 37 to 48

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